Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Playboy of the Western World was a very interesting literary piece. It sarcastically discussed the role of religion in 19th century Ireland. With the country in both political and economic turmoil Playboy of the Western World Satirically pointed out to the public how their society was structured. The norm in those days was poor Catholics work the land in the south while the rich land owning protestants lived in the North in Cities. With the distribution of wealth heavily favoring the Protestants they were able to do whatever they pleased. The character Christy portrays the protestants because he believed that no matter what he did he could get away with it. He attempts to kill his father twice, he steals the girls awayfrom their men, and gets what he wants. However in the end Synge "fixed" this society by bringing Christy back down to earth and making him return home with his father. The role of religion in Playboy is very interesting. Though a protestant Synge mocks religion in general through irony. He uses religous ideals and mocks how society has twisted them and caused them to mean something different.

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